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Welcome to Davel Welcome to Davel

Welcome to Davel Welcome to Davel

We reveal what interests customers in your industry and bring it to light so you can outperform your competitors. By thinking outside of the box, we develop revenue-generating campaigns for your business. In other words, we are the creative partner you’ve always dreamed about!

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At Davel, creativity is supreme. Throughout the years, we've partnered with companies to help them grow. We design creative campaigns to position brands appropriately in target markets. Our team analyzes clients, competitors, target audiences, and other success factors.

 Projects Our works 500+ PROJECTS Our works 500+ PROJECTS Our works 500+ PROJECTS Our works  
 Projects Our works 500+ PROJECTS Our works 500+ PROJECTS Our works 500+ PROJECTS Our works  

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Join hundreds of others who trusted Davel


Join hundreds of others who trusted Davel

This is how we do business. Our brand strategists integrate business, marketing, communications, analytics, and design to convey authentic, meaningful, and unique brands.

We believe details make the difference; we'll introduce your brand innovatively, creatively, and comprehensively to the audience. We'll get your brand to communicate with the target customer's subconscious and leave an imprint for the future.

Solar Group

Client: Solar Group

Year: 2019


Research: Mariam Poghosyan, Elen Gasparyan

Graphic Designer: Syuzan Sirunyan

UI/UX: Anush Sahakyan

Website Development: Hayk Antonyan, Davit Gasparyan

About the Company, Mission and Vision

Davel Creative Agency was accredited to create the full branding of Solar Group company. A clean environment, accessible renewable energy, and healthy generations to come-- this is how Solar Group sees the future of humanity. It's a company with a professional team and 10+ years of experience in the field of renewable energy.

Considering their mission and vision of the company, we were challenged to come up with a futuristic brand identity that combines almighty nature with technology.

We paid special attention to the creation of the logo, as it is the spirit of their brand

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Toonk Wines

Brand story

In the region with the oldest winemaking traditions, Vayots Dzor, almost everyone is engaged in winemaking. They cultivate, cherish, and take care of newer and centuries-old vine seedlings like they are their own children. In this magical place the founder of “Toonk” was born. He created the best traditional and signature wines with his grandfathers, perfecting them with a combination of love and craftsmanship of younger and elder generations.

The wines have been called “Toonk”, as they symbolize their bond with grape roots, home, and family.

The Solution

Our aim was to build a new brand with a modern touch and timeless design. We started with diverse sketches and narrowed them down to the final yield. The finished work showed a transformation into an exquisitely crafted logotype

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SAZUME is an Armenian high fashion brand. They produce casual, classical, and timeless clothes that are in line with the latest seasonal trends of the fashion world.

SAZUME was born with the efforts of a group of fashion and clothing industry professionals.

Combining their experience and passion for fashion, they answer the ultimate question of every woman's life "WHAT SHALL I WEAR TODAY?"


The naming objective was to find a name that will actively be used in fashion talks, making the brand memorable. This new Armenian fashion brand will help you create the look that is really "SAZUME", which translated from Armenian, literally means "IT FITS".


The "LESS IS MORE" idea guided us through the whole logo design process. It does translate the brand vision and

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