Naming,Branding,Label Design,Packaging
Toonk Wines

Brand story

In the region with the oldest winemaking traditions, Vayots Dzor, almost everyone is engaged in winemaking. They cultivate, cherish, and take care of newer and centuries-old vine seedlings like they are their own children. In this magical place the founder of “Toonk” was born. He created the best traditional and signature wines with his grandfathers, perfecting them with a combination of love and craftsmanship of younger and elder generations.

The wines have been called “Toonk”, as they symbolize their bond with grape roots, home, and family.

The Solution

Our aim was to build a new brand with a modern touch and timeless design. We started with diverse sketches and narrowed them down to the final yield. The finished work showed a transformation into an exquisitely crafted logotype and emblem.

Barcode is the concept behind the logo and it signifies the particular and defined uniqueness of the brand. The brand emblem is designed in the style of “Trchnagir”, an ancient Armenian style of calligraphy where letters are shaped in a form of birds. The body of the emblem incorporates the mythical bird Phoenix and vine seedling, which signify the beginning of something new and vigorous.These two elements together shape the Latin letter “T”, referring to the brand’s initial.

Emulating the simplicity of the design, the packaging design and branding elements were created. As a result, we created a brand that diverges from the popular mass-market bias, yet embraces simplicity and distinguishes it from competitors, solving the problem of the new market player.


Branding and Packaging - Levon Chkolyan

Naming and Content Writing - Mariam Grigoryan

Photoshoot idea, implementation - Juli Galstyan, Elen Gasparyan

Photoshoot - Artyom Arustamyan

Motion Designer - Tatul Nersisyan

Motion Designer Assistant - Arsen Kosyan

Project Manager - Mariam Poghosyan