Web Design
LA Fence Craft: Website development

Within the Southern California landscape, LA Fence Craft emerges as a family-owned enterprise with a legacy spanning over a decade. Steeped in a commitment to quality, fairness, and timely delivery, it has become a trusted choice for fencing projects in the region. Rooted in principles of honesty and hard work, LA Fence Craft goes beyond being merely a fence company; it is a builder of enduring relationships with clients.

In our latest project collaboration with LA Fence Craft, we aimed to revamp their online presence to align with the values of their family-owned business. The primary focus was on crafting a website that communicates transparency, showcases their expertise, and provides a smooth user experience.


Project Manager: Gevorg Badalyan

Content Writer: Mary Salmastyan

UI/UX Designer: Gevorg Badalyan

Full Stack Developer: Eraz Engibaryan


- Modern Online Presence: Develop a contemporary website that reflects the craftsmanship and reliability of LA Fence Craft.

- Portfolio Integration: Showcase a diverse range of completed projects, emphasizing quality and attention to detail.

- User-Friendly Interface: Enhance user engagement with an easy-to-navigate website, facilitating communication and information exchange.

- Process Transparency: Clearly communicate LA Fence Craft's process to inform potential clients and build trust.


The LA Fence Craft website has undergone a transformation to represent the company's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The revamped interface allows visitors to effortlessly explore the portfolio, gaining insights into LA Fence Craft's dedication to excellence. The online quote request system streamlines project initiation, providing a convenient pathway for client interaction.

The LA Fence Craft website serves as a showcase of our expertise in web design. From highlighting completed projects to offering transparency in the company's processes, the website now stands as a digital testament to LA Fence Craft's reliability and trustworthiness.