Web Design
SLS Wedding & Events: Website development

SLS Wedding and Events, an event planning company, entrusted Davel with the mission to translate their vision into a sophisticated online presence. The challenge was to capture the essence of their extraordinary events and showcase the unique services they offer.


Project Manager: Gevorg Badalyan

Content Writer: Mary Salmastyan

UI/UX Designer: Gevorg Badalyan

Full Stack Developer: Eraz Engibaryan


- Develop a modern and elegant website mirroring the experiences curated by SLS Wedding and Events.
- Create a user-friendly interface highlighting services like dream weddings, luxury birthdays, and unique destination weddings.
- Integrate a portfolio section featuring past events for visitors to witness the company's expertise.
- Ensure a straightforward contact system for potential clients to make inquiries.


The newly designed website is all about making things easy and elegant. It shows off their awesome event planning skills in a simple and user-friendly way. The website helps SLS connect with people looking for great events by being modern, easy to use, and showing off their past events in a straightforward and stylish manner. Now, when someone visits the site, they get a clear picture of how amazing SLS is at creating unforgettable experiences.

The website mirrors the sophistication of their event planning expertise, offering an elegant and user-friendly online platform. This project encapsulates a harmonious blend of modern design and simplicity, ensuring a seamless experience for visitors exploring the diverse services provided by SLS. From the captivating glimpse into dream weddings on the homepage to the straightforward presentation of past events in the portfolio section, every aspect reflects the dedication and attention to detail that define SLS Wedding and Events. The website not only achieves the goals set for a refined online presence but also communicates the essence of the company's commitment to creating unforgettable moments with clarity and authenticity