Solar Group

Client: Solar Group

Year: 2019


Research: Mariam Poghosyan, Elen Gasparyan

Graphic Designer: Syuzan Sirunyan

UI/UX: Anush Sahakyan

Website Development: Hayk Antonyan, Davit Gasparyan

About the Company, Mission and Vision

Davel Creative Agency was accredited to create the full branding of Solar Group company. A clean environment, accessible renewable energy, and healthy generations to come-- this is how Solar Group sees the future of humanity. It's a company with a professional team and 10+ years of experience in the field of renewable energy.

Considering their mission and vision of the company, we were challenged to come up with a futuristic brand identity that combines almighty nature with technology.

We paid special attention to the creation of the logo, as it is the spirit of their brand identity. The central design attribute of the logotype is the cropped solar panel that visually simplifies the concept of the logo. The panel is surrounded by a yellow circle representing the Sun. Diving in deeper, we turned the simple circle into an infinite moving cycle that symbolizes never-ending renewable solar energy.

Primary colors of the logo are Prussian blue, which represents the sky, and cyber yellow, which adds a pinch of bright flavor to the design and symbolizes the sun.

The next part of the brand book is dedicated to the corporate identity of the company. We’ve designed the iconic style of main fields of activities where “Solar Group” needs to present its brand.

Davel Creative Agency designed and developed a fully responsive website for Solar Group. The UI/UX design is entirely based on the brand book and corresponds with its standards.

We’ve designed three original icons for the homepage that tell a story by themselves without additional information.

The homepage also includes an animation video created by Davel Creative Agency.

Another outstanding part of the website is the user-friendly calculator. With just two inputs it’s possible to get an initial information about the type of system the user needs, the approximate amount of investment, costs and returns.