Marketing Campaign
Front Yard Burger: Spooky Burger Bash Campaign


Client: Front Yard Burger Restaurant

Date: 2022

Creative Director: Elen Gasparyan

Graphic Designer: Elina Malkhasyan

Account Manager: Tatev Hakobyan

Davel Creative Agency created a creative Halloween campaign for Front Yard Burger restaurant in Glendale. Our Halloween campaign was a spooktacular success!

We created a chilling atmosphere with creepy visuals and engaging social media content. Our strategic social media marketing campaign amplified the buzz and expanded the campaign's reach, driving brand awareness, and cementing Frontyard Burger as the Halloween hotspot.

Customers embraced the Halloween spirit and flocked to Front Yard Burger for a frightfully delicious experience.

The restaurant serves delicious, never-frozen burgers, ensuring an explosion of flavors in every bite.

To leave a lasting impact on customers, boost sales, and raise brand interest, Davel Creative Agency crafted an unforgettable Halloween campaign. Haunting decorations, bewitching promotions, and ghostly delights made Front Yard Burger the ultimate Halloween destination.

The campaign surpassed expectations, solidifying the brand's reputation as a beloved culinary gem in Glendale.