Marketing Campaign
Front Yard Burger: Nostalgia Campaign


Client: Front Yard Burger Restaurant

Date: 2023

Creative Director: Elen Gasparyan

Graphic Designers: Veronika Malkhasyan, Bella Gevorgyan

Account Manager: Tatev Hakobyan

We are proud to introduce our remarkable retro-themed campaign for Front Yard Burger which flashbacks 90’s taste. Inspired by the golden era when burgers were renowned for their mouthwatering flavors and wholesome ingredients.

Why did we choose the retro theme, you ask? Simple—because the burgers of that era were the epitome of deliciousness. It was a time when the focus was on quality ingredients and honest, robust flavors. Front Yard Burger aims to bring back those beloved classics and give today’s discerning palates a taste of what made those burgers so extraordinary.

Our campaign captures the nostalgia and joy of that era, immersing visitors in a vibrant world of retro aesthetics. We are committed to delivering an exceptional experience that goes beyond just a meal. We strive to evoke memories, spark conversations, and foster a genuine appreciation for the artistry and dedication that went into crafting those timeless burger recipes.