About the client

Zove is a premium ice cream brand, which is produced in Armenia and exported to Russian. Moscow and Saint Petersburg are the main market locations.

The Aim

Great packaging is an important unique selling proposition for any brand and product. Davel Creative Agency was challenged to come with a naming and branding concept for the ice-cream brand. We had a few problems to solve. The name of the brand needed to sound Armenian for Armenians, but be international for foreigners and the packaging needed to look premium, yet be acceptable by Russian consumers.

The solution

Davel came up with the brand name “Zove” as it means “Cool” in Armenian, but for Russian phonetic hearing it sounds like a European brand. For the packaging, we combined the best practices of premium American and European ice cream packaging and added some Armenian ornaments and the element of milk in it. Milk is a crucial part of the design, as in most post-soviet countries dairy is perceived as healthy, nutritional food. The more dairy in it, the better ice-cream is for Russians. The same concept would not have any success, for instance, in the US market. Especially, in recent years, anti-dairy motives are taking a toll and milk on the ice-cream packaging will not sell it. Considering that, we paid special attention to the splash of milk in the packaging. The milk splash, chocolate, vanilla, fruits and berries all are hand drawn specially for “Zove”.