"Barev" wine

Barev Wine” is a new name in the Armenian winemaking culture. The company continues to improve the Armenian winemaking culture by collaborating with professional French and German winemakers.

The goal of our creative team was to create branding for the company that would be impressive, highlighting the elegance of wine while being contemporary. Thus we chose a theme that can constantly be evolved and can never get boring. We chose nature.

Wine is an artwork of nature, so it symbolizes freshness, warmth, inspiration and allure. The most common color in nature, the subtle green hues were selected, which make the text easy to read. The shimmering gold was chosen to emphasize the luxuriance of the wine "Barev" limited edition.

Continuing on the theme of nature, our design team created banners using a custom font created specifically for “Barev wine”.

Our talented designers also created a special handwritten font. The unique typography added a special uniqueness to the branding. “Barev” in Armenian means “Hello”, so as an amusing pun we used the expression «Բարև տվի BAREV առա» [Barev tvi, BAREV ara]. Literally translated from Armenian it means “I said hello, I got hello (BAREV)”. This is an expression from the lyrics of Lusik Koshyan’s famous song.


Research, Idea, Visual Concept, Graphic Design - Suzanne Sirunyan

Typography - Levon Chkolyan

Content Writing - Mariam Grigoryan

Photoshoot - Artyom Arustamyan

Project Manager - Davit Gasparyan